Venthône, a 100% human and 100% digital solution that simplifies your experience and guides you in your career.

For the consultant

Venthône offers you the status of an employee from the beginning of the mission. We take care of all the management related to the mission.

For the company

Venthône allows companies to easily use the skills they need thanks to a simple, direct and competitive access. They benefit from security and administrative management and from contracts that are efficiently managed and taken care of.

Our role

At Venthône, our main goal is to make yours easier. We take care of all the fastidious aspects of your business life, from managing your invoices to managing your contracts.


We facilitate the administrative management of the consultants and accompany each of them throughout their mission in order to help them in their steps.


We work throughout Europe: Luxembourg, France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal and Hungary are the countries where we are present to be at the side of the consultants, to help them in a concrete and permanent way thanks to collaborators who speak the local language.


We are mainly active in the engineering, telecommunications, IT and many other sectors.